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Captain Bogg & Salty - Emphatical Piratical
Captain Bogg & Salty - Emphatical Piratical

Captain Bogg & Salty - Emphatical Piratical

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Stand tall on the quarterdeck now, The Pollywogg is headed for home port, as Captain Bogg & Salty return with a brand new album of nautical pop and pirate-rock: EMPHATICAL PIRATICAL.

This time around we drop anchor at a tropical, buccaneer paradise known as Frogg Island, the homeport of The Pollywogg. The music of EMPHATICAL PIRATICAL is crafted with all the hooks, salt-water whimsy, lush landscapes, and inspired silliness that fans of Captain Bogg & Salty have come to expect over the last 10 years, yet a whole new trove of treasures has been added to the hold. Populated by kooky tiki rhythms, moonlit melodies, and rockin buccaneer riffs EMPHATICAL PIRATICAL is a 12 track island of musical adventure for pirates of all ages.

It be my true pleasure to release to ye, for the first time, the new cargo of music on this here album.


1. Emphatical Piratical

2. Don't Drink Sea Water

3. Port Side

4. Treading the Seas for Pirate Gold

5. Bunnyjacks

6. Frogg Island

7. Purple Tiki

8. The Plank Walker

9. Sea Monster II

10. Never Smile at a Crocodile

11. Waltz of the Waves

12. Who's at Captain's Table?

This be album number four crew mateys and I could not be more proud of it, not if it where me own timber-toe.


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