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Top 5 Kid-Friendly Pirate Weapons

Posted by Steve Harmon on 10/8/2013
Kids love cutlasses as much as you and I do, but what do you do when they start swinging them at each other?

Here are the Top 5 kid-friendly pirate weapons:

1. LARP Weapons

Larp Sword

LARP stands for "live-action role play." These swords are made to be used, and used fiercely! All LARP swords are made from latex, so they are on the softer side; they're durable, so they'll last far beyond the first sword fight!

2. Wooden Practice Weapons

Wooden Practice sword

No points, no edges, and very sturdy!  These are durable and long-lasting practice swords.  Best for older kids or supervised young ones.

3. Plastic Flintlock Pistol

Many flintlock pistols have hammers on the top that can bruise fingers; this one just has a moving trigger.  Makes a cool sound!

4. Pirates Of The Caribbean Pirate Sword

Pirates Of The Caribbean Pirate Sword   Detailed Pirate Sword
As far as plastic swords go, these are more durable than most.  They can't withstand real swordplay, but they do look dashing!

5. Pirate Accessory Kit

Pirate Accessory Kit

For your little ones, this set will do quite well!  There's a lot of bang for your buck here, and it's very child-safe.

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