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A special message from Sloth

Posted by Jeff Baker on 10/25/2013
Sloth Baby Ruth Pirate

Everybody's motivated by something.

How to look like a REAL Pirate

Posted by Steve Harmon on 10/13/2013 to Infographics
What did pirates really look like back in the day?  A little something like this.

Be a REAL Pirate

Hard Tack Recipe

Posted by Steve Harmon on 10/11/2013 to Recipes
Wanna try some real pirate food?  Make some hardtack!

Hardtack is a simple bread that could last long on voyages.  When it gets hard, you soften it up by dipping it in seawater, soup, rum... whatever you have on-hand.  In fact, cooks may have used seawater instead of regular water (though we wouldn't recommend this).

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Pirate Weapons

Posted by Steve Harmon on 10/8/2013
Kids love cutlasses as much as you and I do, but what do you do when they start swinging them at each other?

October Giveaway Week 2: Free shipping!

Posted by Steve Harmon on 10/4/2013
Now is the perfect time to get your costume figured out!

October Giveaway Week 1

Posted by Steve Harmon on 10/1/2013
Spend $75 and get a free Henry Avery 3x5' flag. A $10 value!